Update – State of the Blog

The purpose of this post is to update people on the state of beardythoughts. I bought the beardythoughts domain in early 2014, since then it went from being a Hindi political blog to a digital marketing blog to my work portfolio (Web Development/Digital Marketing/HTML5 Game Development). This space now houses all my random thoughts – whimsical most of the times [as you can see from the state of development of this domain over the years]. If you landed through search engines, mostly you would have been redirected through my amateur political commentary or above average web development projects [both of which I tried to remove from the search engines – not to any success, I guess]. If you are still interested in political commentary, you can check out polyniche – where I contribute regularly. Exciting news regarding polyniche coming up. If you are here to hire us for your digital marketing needs, check out MarketingMuggles. Writing is difficult! Blogging consistently compared to writing in a moment inspiration is super difficult [arduous if you may]. If you add the element of NO monetary incentive it becomes extremely difficult to get yourself to jump the hoops to write consistently. I have been working as a freelance digital marketing consultant for over 3 years and every year my resolution to maintain a blog gets laid over with new incoming projects. This year, I will follow a simple approach to posting articles here. All the articles would go through multiple iterations – I will post an article and as my views, perspectives and knowledge on that topic expand, I will keep adding to it. If you are reading this blog, thanks a lot. There are millions of blogs online. I appreciate you taking the time to be part of my journey.